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if you’'re like me, when I go out to dine at a restaurant, i often find myself ordering multiple appetizers or small plates, sometimes as many as five to six to get a diverse range of flavors, textures and a better taste of what the kitchen is cooking. a recent “new york times” article announcing the “death of the entrée” really drove home a couple of points and reminded that dining out really seems to be shifting in this direction. i find that people will often tire of a dish after four bites - their palates need to be re-awakened. younger diners seem to be more into experiencing more tastes and flavors and enjoy the “communal experience” of sharing. many older diners tend to enjoy this as well, but often eat less. ultimately, diners want more control over their experience. perfect! at my restaurant, woodfire grill, we have now expanded this section of our menu. we still have “large plates” for those of you folks who want your own or for those that enjoy sharing a main course. we have also spiffed up the café menu to focus on artisan cured meats (house cured and other) artisan cheeses, and wood-oven pizzas. of course the full grill menu is also available in the café & bar. come by and let us know what you think...and enjoy!


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Thank you for joining us Naoya! I greatly appreciate the positive feedback on our small plates. I've enjoyed eating this way for sometime myself, even long before my first visit to barcelona! it just makes sense. hope to see you again soon.

Naoya Wada

I am so happy to hear you say that about small plates. I have been wondering this myself for a while. When I was first introduced to tapas, I thought, "why can't this expand out to more cuisines?"

Oddly enough, I was just at Woodfire on Saturday and ordered only from the Small Plates menu myself! Only after dining there was I recommended to read your blog. How wonderful!

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