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BN Ranch Goat Meat Introduced at Grange


last night, we proudly served goat from BN Ranch (bill niman) of Bolinas, Ca. at Grange. being that these are not large animals weighing in at around 35 pounds on average, I supplemented my purchase with some additional goat breasts that I thought would be nice for braising. Inspired by the animal which is very similar to lamb in appearance, taste & texture, and thinking about how to maximize preparation for a limited number of servings....I opted to prepare and serve it "3 ways" on the same plate. we braised the breasts, shoulders & neck in aromatics, wine & san marzano tomatoes. we marinated the loins with rosemary, lavender, garlic & meyer lemon oil in a vacuum sealed bag to be later cooked "sous-vide," to 120 degrees. Then, we seasoned the boned out legs with rosemary, lavender, garlic & olive oil, trussed and roasted them to 115 degrees. we made a stock out of the carcass of the goat, strained and reduced it to a nice rich finish. after the braise was complete, we pulled the meat from the bones, strained the braise liquid into the stock, and wrapped the braised meat in caul fat to form a little disk that would then get seared along with the loin prior to serving giving both a crisp caramelized exterior while retaining the beautiful tender & succulent interior. 

needless to say.....this dish had a lot of complexity! it was very satisfying to see all of this come together on the plate in a finished dish. to my pleasant surprise, we sold out in our first two hours!!! I was a little skeptical about using the name "goat" on the menu, but being that we have such a straightforward approach to our food at Grange, I felt compelled to run with it and see what would happen. Now we know! I welcome comments from anyone that enjoyed this dish last night and hope to be able to bring it back soon.


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Ranch for Sale

That looks delicious, but knowing what it is I don't know. I'd try it at least.


Oh to have your brain and experience. This looks absolutely awesome! If I am ever in your neck of the woods MODmom and I are coming to your restaurant.


Kudos Chef! I'll will forwad this onto Bala and Bill Niman!

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