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most of us these days have heard the words "buy local." especially in the last 3 or so years. as the organic food movement has become more mainstream and large scale industrial food producers have jumped into the game to realize a piece of the 20+billion dollar market, "buy local" has become the new utopian movement to help to......what? food, good food, (debatable) even organic, all natural etc. can be found at any supermarket near you anytime of the year mostly from somewhere else. So why buy local? for those of us that have come to embrace this concept, or call it philosophy, lifestyle, purpose etc. feel that food grown and produced closer to home by people that care, and even live in the community is better. It tastes better because it's fresher, you may even connect with the person that produced it, less time and distance traveled which reduces fuel costs and transport costs, supports a local business which in turn supports the local economy. i just received a newswire  about buying local and how it has been slow to catch on with americans but researchers believe it has merit. the interesting point of the article encourages food companies to create a stronger "marketing" message to market their products to "locals." I find it very interesting how "buy local" is on the radar screen of food companies and are now devoting capital to research how they can better develop, position and market their products to consumers. also, that 30% more of the people that participated in the survey would buy local if they knew how. if you are as fortunate as i am to live in a community that has a very strong local foodway, even if it's not that strong, there is a good possibility that there is a weekly farmers market in or around your community. start there! look into joining a CSA if possible which gives you a vested interest in supporting a local farm near you. If there is a local butcher shop or bakery....go and support it. if there are restaurants that buy local and cook with local products, by all means, support them!

It really isn't that hard if you look around. 


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