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Is it Spring Yet?


is it spring yet? officially, no. especially if you are in southeast on this particular day. as you can tell from the date of my last post, i have been in hibernation for a little while. well, not exactly. just being the chef of a busy new hotel & restaurant in sacramento, california has consumed my attention. i have started to post several times, really! but something else has taken "frontburner!" this weekend, it was first of season delta asparagus. from just down the road in the valley near stockton, ca this harbinger of spring is finally here! every year, i can't wait for the first asparagus to come from this particularly fertile area. i used to have to have it shipped across the country to my former restaurant in atlanta. now, it is from less than 50 miles away! why is this such a big deal.

first, it tastes better. second, it is much fresher and contains more nutrients as length of travel from farm-to-table is greatly reduced. third, much better for the environment as fewer fossil fuels are consumed to get to the end user. fourth, you are supporting a local economy by supporting local farms.
there are certainly many more reasons why i am so excited about this particular asparagus. it is the beginning departure/transition from root vegetables and braising greens of winter. as the spring season approaches, a whole new array of bounty gives us many new possibilities with our daily menus
at Grange Restaurant. we are also getting beautiful baby artichokes from castroville, just a little further south. further evidence that spring is near!


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It's green all around....even in color!

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