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Porchetta.........Fatty Pork.....It's a Good Thing!


porchetta a traditional Italian preparation of highly seasoned pig, roasted until the skin becomes

magically crisp and bronzed and the interior is succulent and delectable! I have experienced porchetta
first hand on all of my trips to Italy. as simply served on a piece of paper at the campo di fiore market in Rome, from a little roadside truck on a roll as a panino, to an elegant tableside carved affair in
a beautiful restaurant aptly named Lo' Spedilichio in Umbria, in the town of spedilichio. Done correctly with lots of care & love, I find this to be a fantastic dish if not, for lack of better description, transformational. when you have amazing quality pork, raised in a clean, fair and humane fashion, you want to treat it with respect by seasoning correctly, and cooking and serving it in the best possible fashion. after all, an animal died for that! So why, what actually gives us, let's qualify, some of us in America, the audacity to complain about the pork being "too fatty." Whaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaaa!
"I want the leanest piece you have," basically, the "other white meat!" gee thanks to the pork marketing association and the industrially produced, factory farmed, GMO fed, antibiotic growth hormone eating"porkensteins" the american general public doesn't know the virtues of great quality "fatty pork!"
If there were only the later pork described here available to me to eat, I would actually become a vegetarian! thank god, thanks to many hardworking individuals like my local hog farmers John & Dan Bledsoe outside of Sacramento, Tommy & Alicia Searcy of Gum Creek Farm outside of Atlanta, Newman & Metzger farms in Kansas, Bill Niman, Paul Willis, Patrick Martins of Heritage Foods USA, and a host of others, we have great fatty pork to eat! 


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Thanks Karen,
Glad you enjoyed them!

Karen Richardson

If that was porchetta in the baby artichokes last night it was delicioso! Such a rich flavor - just shocking!


Well said Chef! You have got to get Nicolette Niman's book "Righteous Porkchop"- eye opening to say the least. John Bledsoe was there and we chewed the fat together!

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