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Iron Horse Vineyards Rediscovered


 This past Labor Day, I had the pleasure of visiting a favorite winery of mine called Iron Horse. I was trying to remember, but I believe it had been 18 years since my last visit there. Back then, I was fortunate to attend what was called, “Harvest Luncheons.” This was relived as I reconnected with Joy, Audrey & Barry Sterling, proprietors.

The sparkling wines produced at Iron Horse have always been among my favorite. Especially a blend called “Wedding Cuvee.”  As time never ceases to stand still, new and different wines come and go and it is very easy to just remember what you most recently had.

Iron Horse Sparkling wine, is one of those rare wines that you never forget. When you go to open a bottle, there is a certain excitement that builds. It’s hard to put my finger on specifically, except the anticipation is met with this sense of excitement and moment of satisfaction! That first sip encourages you to quickly take another because you want it again. Then, you remind yourself to slow down, taste & savor every sip.

The still wines that iron horse produces, chardonnay, pinot noir & cabernet sauvignon are among the best in California. The distinctive style of the “Green Valley” appellation is evident. Very warm days, and cool nights are evident in the perfect balance of fruit & acid. Iron Horse has quite a focus on sustainable production and preserving the land. It is reassuring, to know that Iron Horse is one of those treasures of Northern California that gives it a timeless sense of place.




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Michael Tuohy

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...and don't forget the Iron Horse Dry Rose! I go way back with with this winery, a must try for anyone who is not familiar with their wines.

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