‘Bee Informed’ Reception on Sept. 29 to Benefit UC Davis Honey Bee Haven; Sponsored by Citizen Hotel/Grange Restaurant
Sustainable Seafood, another conundrum....

Wal-Mart taking a stance to positively effect food policy! Really?


I came across this very interesting article in today's Wall Street Journal I must say, "I am pretty blown away!" by this. being one that has felt and believed that Wal-Mart is basically a retail giant that is not a place where one goes to shop for food, my ears are burning here. who else is in a better position to bring quality foods to those who need it most? nobody comes to mind for sure. if they are very serious about supporting small farms and helping connect the dots, this would be absolutely revolutionary! I have said many times, distribution, support and the farm bill are the biggest obstacles in the way of small family farms, Wal-Mart is in the position to be the catalyst for change. time will tell, lets see if they can stay focussed and deliver on this new initiative!



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