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Happy First Day of Spring!


It's officially the first day of Spring! Even though today it has brought us some much needed rain, we are beginning to see bud break in the vineyards and other signs that it has arrived. This leads me to introduce you to an interesting small company called, Preserve

Founded by Merrilee Olson in 2010, is dedicated to preserving food, community & the local harvest. Preserve Sonoma's mission is to preserve the local harvest by creating unique, delicious products inspired by the agricultural bounty of the San Francisco Bay Region. The aim is to create value added products from farms that create revenue rather than waste. The community in the region will benefit because people will be better fed, food entrepreneurs will thrive and see their dreams realized, retailers will have better products to sell, and a whole list of other food related businesses can participate and expand their brands. Productive alliances between the farmers, retailers and food entrepreneurs are forged and create a strong sustainable bond.

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Approaching it's third birthday, Preserve Sonoma has outgrown it's original 3000 sq. foot facility in Marin County. This further demonstrates the need for this kind of business in the area. A search is now being conducted for a new location and production facility of 6000 sq. feet. The new facility will serve the needs of Preserve and its clients for the next decade to come. The search is for the new site is in the greater Sonoma County area and will hopefully be identified in the coming months.
Harvest season is coming fast! Spring has arrived! and so has the much needed rain. Soon, summer will follow and our local farms will be in rapid motion once again, tending to crops and harvesting for the region and beyond.
As the seasons evolve, I will keep you apprised of our progress!
Happy Spring!


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