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Brioche Bread and Thoughts on Baking.




One of my absolute favorite breads is Brioche. Brioche is unique that it is almost 50% made with butter! You can certainly substitute with olive oil, which is quite delicious but, for an exceptional treat, I go with butter. Choose very good high quality butter like Irish or perhaps you have a local farm that produces high quality fresh butter. Also, I am very partial to high quality milled flour like those from Anson Mills, in Columbia SC. If you are milling your own as many professional Artisan Bakers and home bakers have started doing, choose your source of grains from a great grower with sound practices. 

Ok, for this particular Brioche, I only had a whole wheat bread flour milled from hard winter red fife and a little left of white bread flour. The whole wheat was 85% of the total flour weight, which gave me pause. I thought about it and said, sure why not? Ok. I will say, this recipe was from the Tartine Bread Book the ground breaking Tartine Bakery, that began in the Mission district of San Francisco some years ago.The recipes in that book are quite exceptional and made for most skill levels. However, I will say, it helps to have some experience to navigate the recipes with ease as they are technical. During this COVID-19 time, I can attest that we are in the midst of a Home Baking Boom! I see lots of Instagram posts from many people, including Chefs, getting their hands in the flour, and baking delicious treats for family & friends. For me, it was just the impetus I needed to rekindle my love of good bread and bread baking. The process requires focus, and engagement. You should be and need to be present. Trust me, there is plenty to go wrong if not! Plus you don't want to go through all of the effort and expense, only to be disappointed by the outcome. For me, I do find it a nice break from the computer and the daily news, not to mention the house smells amazing when fresh bread and baked goods, are in the oven and when they come out. The anticipation of letting them cool before tearing or cutting into it is part of the fun. Fresh baked bread, still warm from the oven, with either butter, extra virgin olive oil and Maldon sea salt is one of life's simple and delicious pleasures! 

For Copyright reasons, I cannot post this recipe here, unless I were to get permission. I do encourage you to purchase the Tartine Bread Book where you will find the recipe. You can simply click the link in the side bar here on my blog and buy through Amazon. I hope you do, you will not regret adding this book to your library and find yourself captivated by the tremendous comprehensiveness of the recipes. 



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